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The Prophet Chronicles are coming!

My dear fellow sojourner,

You have been invited to join us on a remarkable journey of discovery. My colleague and I have chosen to spend a great deal of time and effort in documenting our travels over the millennia, resulting in a series of writings we should like to call "The Prophet Chronicles".

It is our great desire to leave with you - our perspective on the history of the world as seen through our eyes; although our point of view may vary somewhat from what others have recorded. However, I should like to remind you that we were there; they were not.

Each account shall be unique unto its own time and age. Therefore, each set of characters shall likewise be as equally unique. Save for the two of us, of course; for along with our wives, we shall be journeying with you.

We hope that you shall benefit from our writings and our experiences. We also hope that you may take with you some new insights about our world's history, as well as the people and the powers behind. It may be that this shall result in providing you with a new perspective of our past as well as our future.

We wish you well. Oh, and as I have just been reminded by my colleague and friend - "So let it be written; so let it be done."

-Elias and Kemuel